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Seasonal Summer Makeup…

For most of us, summer is our favorite time of the year… no school, half-day Fridays, pool parties and late sunsets… but unfortunately it doesn’t bring with it carefree make-up.

Between humidity and heat, you can look in the mirror an hour after you’ve applied your make-up and it has either traveled across your face or it’s gone. Or perspiration has caused tiny sweat blemishes. And if you’re spending all day in an office with recycled air conditioning, your skin and lips are dried out, even though it’s humid outside. So this is the season to simplify your routine by going sheer and waterproof. Here are some tips to get you through in style:

After applying sunscreen, skip foundation or switch to an oil-free version, a mineral powder foundation or a tinted moisturizer.

Spot conceal any blemishes with concealer and immediately spot powder them to set it.

Skip powder on the rest of your face as it can get cake-y with humidity and perspiration. Use blotting papers instead. (Check the ingredients listed on the papers to make sure they do not include mineral oil which could clog your pores and cause breakouts).

Switch to a waterproof eyeshadow (ask a make-up expert at the beauty counter to show you the different cream shadows that are water resistant; there are so many gorgeous ones out there) or skip shadow and do a cat eye with a waterproof liquid liner or gel liner.

Finish your eyes with a waterproof mascara. Skip the bottom lashes if they tend to smear on hotter days. If you’re already sporting a tan, all you’ll need is to swirl a cheek stain on the apples of your cheeks (avoid cream blush as it won’t last in the heat).

If you’ve been protecting your skin with a hat and sunscreen, fake it with bronzing powder by applying it with a wide-head bronzing brush everywhere the sun would hit your face: top of your forehead, your nose, cheekbones and chin, then don’t forget your neck and chest.

Avoid a sticky gloss and opt for a sheer lipstick or if your lips are dried out, use a tinted lip balm.

So even though summer make-up is more high maintenance, once you’ve switched to waterproof and sheer products, you should be able to have fun in the sun and not worry about it.

Carrying a small compact mirror in your beach bag to keep an eye on things every now and then never hurt…


Hot Hair Cut.

Like her pillowy mouth and hourglass curves, Johansson’s messy, just-rolled-out-of-bed bob is pure bombshell. Ask your stylist to chop up and razor the ends and to check the length so it swings freely above the shoulders. This cut looks good on those with medium or wavy hair and any face shape. (If your face is round, keep the front pieces a little longer to slim it.) To play up the texture,  add volumizing mousse to damp hair and let it air-dry. Touch up random sections with a curling iron and finish with a beach spray.

Simple and Pretty







Sometimes a ponytail almost every day is all we can do… especially us moms in the world. In an effort to jazz things up, we were happy to come across this idea of using a piece of fabric instead of a hair tie. Simple and pretty, don’t you think?

Sexy Waves…


For this laid-back surfer-girl look, all you need if you have wavy hair is some beach spray and a diffuser. Saturate damp hair with a texturizing spray, such as Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray; then dry with a diffuser attached to your blow-dryer. For straight hair, twist dry four-inch chunks haphazardly around a big-barrel curling iron instead, then mist with the spray.


Should Your Boss Tell You How to Look?

Company dress codes have made the news a lot this year. In New York a banker was allegedly fired for looking too sexy. And after American Apparel‘s guide, which encourages “full eyebrows” leaked,New York magazine’s The Cut reported on several other retail stores’ rules, most of which are pretty standard for businesses that are selling style. But this week, it’s Swiss bank UBS that takes the cake, with a 44-page guide to hygiene and clothing that includes some hilarious minutia. It’s in French, but several news outlets have offered translations of some of the best lines.

NPR’s Jamie Tarabay’s favorite: “the best time to apply your perfume is right after a hot shower.” (Check out the comments on the NPR story for reader translations.)

Yes. It gets that specific.

From the Wall Street Journal:
“Male employees of a certain age are warned against dying their hair, because artificial color contrasts excessively with the actual age of your skin.”

From Business Insider: “It is important that this lotion is fragrance free or smells neutral, because even if it’s pleasant, when mixed with the perfume it could clash and be too harsh.”

“We recommend protecting skin by applying a skin cream that consists of nourishing and soothing elements. Thus, your skin will appear beautiful and you will be radiant!”

In the booklet, the company says the usual things about appearance being non-verbal communication and empasizes the need to look, not just act, like a professional. But it also adds, according theBusiness Insider translation that: “A flawless appearance can bring inner peace and a sense of security.” Do you agree? How would you feel about following a dress code set in place by your employer?


Simply Polished

Let the natural texture of your hair be in the spotlight, just like Lea Michele. Blow-dry hair with a round brush and some shine-enhancing spray, like Bb Shine. For added definition, apply a pomade, like Bb Sumo Wax.  We dig.