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Seasonal Summer Makeup…

For most of us, summer is our favorite time of the year… no school, half-day Fridays, pool parties and late sunsets… but unfortunately it doesn’t bring with it carefree make-up.

Between humidity and heat, you can look in the mirror an hour after you’ve applied your make-up and it has either traveled across your face or it’s gone. Or perspiration has caused tiny sweat blemishes. And if you’re spending all day in an office with recycled air conditioning, your skin and lips are dried out, even though it’s humid outside. So this is the season to simplify your routine by going sheer and waterproof. Here are some tips to get you through in style:

After applying sunscreen, skip foundation or switch to an oil-free version, a mineral powder foundation or a tinted moisturizer.

Spot conceal any blemishes with concealer and immediately spot powder them to set it.

Skip powder on the rest of your face as it can get cake-y with humidity and perspiration. Use blotting papers instead. (Check the ingredients listed on the papers to make sure they do not include mineral oil which could clog your pores and cause breakouts).

Switch to a waterproof eyeshadow (ask a make-up expert at the beauty counter to show you the different cream shadows that are water resistant; there are so many gorgeous ones out there) or skip shadow and do a cat eye with a waterproof liquid liner or gel liner.

Finish your eyes with a waterproof mascara. Skip the bottom lashes if they tend to smear on hotter days. If you’re already sporting a tan, all you’ll need is to swirl a cheek stain on the apples of your cheeks (avoid cream blush as it won’t last in the heat).

If you’ve been protecting your skin with a hat and sunscreen, fake it with bronzing powder by applying it with a wide-head bronzing brush everywhere the sun would hit your face: top of your forehead, your nose, cheekbones and chin, then don’t forget your neck and chest.

Avoid a sticky gloss and opt for a sheer lipstick or if your lips are dried out, use a tinted lip balm.

So even though summer make-up is more high maintenance, once you’ve switched to waterproof and sheer products, you should be able to have fun in the sun and not worry about it.

Carrying a small compact mirror in your beach bag to keep an eye on things every now and then never hurt…


Makeup Tips for NYE…

One thing is for certain: When the clock strikes 12, you shouldn’t be worrying about smeared eye makeup, shiny skin, and parched lips.  We are going to reveal our best secrets so that you can toast friends (and steal a midnight kiss!) with confidence.

A liquid liner is a great choice for New Year’s because once it’s set, it won’t move—it’s also good for parties because it really accentuates the eye!

Misha suggest starting in the middle of your upper eyelid and sweeping out toward the ends (“Deal with your wings first”). Then you can go in and finish the other half of your eye, staying as close to the lash line as possible.

When it comes to mascara we like a  lush formula because it’s gentle and doesn’t clump or flake. Waterproof mascara is probably most appropriate for New Year’s Eve…but be careful because we find that it sometimes makes the lashes brittle, and unless you use an oil-based remover, taking it off can cause breakage.

If you have a little time before the party, use cold chamomile tea bags on dark, puffy eyes. Chamomile is calming and soothes the nerves underneath the eye area. Like all teas, it’s also high in skin-brightening antioxidants. For puffiness, there’s no better cure than cold cucumber slices.

For sweet cheeks we love either a neutral pink or peach.  You really can’t go wrong with either. The perfect flush color but goes into the skin looking like it belongs to you.

For a perfect pout on NYE, we suggest a stain. Whether used alone or underneath lipstick, gloss, or balm, a stain will ensure your pout is never caught naked.


Feeling Feline for Fall

With a new mood of subversive sexuality sweeping the fall collections, a dramatic feline flick of liquid liner has never looked better.  This season, sensual black eyeliner is your chicest beauty update.  Picture original sex kitten, Bridget Bardot who conducted all her pin-up duties with an artfully disheveled beehive and sexy black eyeliner (very FW10) and you’ll start to see just what this look can do for you.  Opt for a nude lip and add a hint of contour under your cheekbones for definition.  Whether subtle, striking, innocent or ’60’s slick, make cat-eyes the feline focus of every fall look. -xx

Proper Lighting

Ever wonder what kind of lighting is best for applying makeup? So did we… read on sister, read on.

The first thing to consider:

  • It’s a sunshine day: The best kind of lighting mimics sunlight since it’s the purest light. It’s also the most unforgiving — perfect for makeup application so that you don’t miss a thing. For the easiest way to get this crisp, bright effect, purchase a natural light makeup mirror. (Brookstone carries a great one)

Other things to consider:

  • The source: Overhead lighting, or lighting from behind, will likely cast unwanted shadows on the face. When applying makeup, the light source should be straight in front of you so that it illuminates the front and sides of the face without any glare. Almost all makeup mirrors (including vanity mirrors) are designed to eliminate this problem.
  • If you’re buying bulbs: Look for ones labeled “daylight spectrum” or “natural light.” And if you really want to get into lighting a room correctly for applying makeup (wattage types, shielded fixtures, and all), talk to a lighting expert.
  • Think about where you’re going: Office lighting is different than, say, candlelight dinner lighting. Remember: natural light is the go-to for the purest results.

Pumpkin Apple Spice Peel.

Facials are a must, but why not keep your skin in tip top shape in between treatments?  Your solution…Pumpkin Apple Spice Peel will help to keep your skin looking refined and fresh, like it does after a professional treatment everyday!  This breakthrough product works to* -encourage cell turnover and renewal, reduce appearance of pore size, fight free radical damage, exfoliate and refine skin, normalize oil production, and help keep pores clear.  What is not to like about that?  Pumpkin Extract and Malic Acid (derived from apples) are combined in this natural exfoliating peel.  This effective formula contains ingredients which are rich in known age-fighting ingredients, such as Vitamin A, along with hundreds of other vitamins and phyto-nutrients, while being gentle enough for all skin types.  With continued use, your skin will appear smoother and will reveal a fresh, youthful glow!

Enhance your skin. Tips from the famed Misha Nesselrod.


we all want beautiful skin...

we all want beautiful skin...

Don’t fret if your skin isn’t spot- and line-free—that’s what primer and foundation are for. To fake a pristine complexion, follow these steps given to us by Misha Nesselrod, Holiday’s Key Makeup Artist: 
1) To prevent makeup from settling into lines and acne scars, prep skin with a primer.Smear it on everywhere you intend to apply foundation or concealer. 
2) Depending on your preference, dampen a sponge or brush 
3) Pour a nickel-size drop of foundation into your hand, and dip the brush or the pointed end of the sponge into it. 
4) Spread the foundation onto your skin in the thinnest possible layers. Makeup artists swear that if you start at your forehead and move down toward the nose, cheeks, and chin, you’ll get the most natural-looking finish. (It helps to smooth down all the little hairs on your cheeks and keeps you from ODing on tricky areas, like your jawline.)