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Get Smooth Lips

1. Exfoliate: Slather on a lip balm and exfoliate those smackers.  You can use a soft toothbrush to scrub any dead skin away.

2. Moisturize: After exfoliating, re-apply a balm containing petrolatum, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, dimethicone, or ceramides. Avoid waxy formulas (their ingredients may not penetrate) as well as anything heavily flavored or fragranced (which can make chapping even worse).

3. Add color: Try one with a tint to add just a hint of color leaving your lips super duper kissable.


Makeup Tips for NYE…

One thing is for certain: When the clock strikes 12, you shouldn’t be worrying about smeared eye makeup, shiny skin, and parched lips.  We are going to reveal our best secrets so that you can toast friends (and steal a midnight kiss!) with confidence.

A liquid liner is a great choice for New Year’s because once it’s set, it won’t move—it’s also good for parties because it really accentuates the eye!

Misha suggest starting in the middle of your upper eyelid and sweeping out toward the ends (“Deal with your wings first”). Then you can go in and finish the other half of your eye, staying as close to the lash line as possible.

When it comes to mascara we like a  lush formula because it’s gentle and doesn’t clump or flake. Waterproof mascara is probably most appropriate for New Year’s Eve…but be careful because we find that it sometimes makes the lashes brittle, and unless you use an oil-based remover, taking it off can cause breakage.

If you have a little time before the party, use cold chamomile tea bags on dark, puffy eyes. Chamomile is calming and soothes the nerves underneath the eye area. Like all teas, it’s also high in skin-brightening antioxidants. For puffiness, there’s no better cure than cold cucumber slices.

For sweet cheeks we love either a neutral pink or peach.  You really can’t go wrong with either. The perfect flush color but goes into the skin looking like it belongs to you.

For a perfect pout on NYE, we suggest a stain. Whether used alone or underneath lipstick, gloss, or balm, a stain will ensure your pout is never caught naked.


Proper Lighting

Ever wonder what kind of lighting is best for applying makeup? So did we… read on sister, read on.

The first thing to consider:

  • It’s a sunshine day: The best kind of lighting mimics sunlight since it’s the purest light. It’s also the most unforgiving — perfect for makeup application so that you don’t miss a thing. For the easiest way to get this crisp, bright effect, purchase a natural light makeup mirror. (Brookstone carries a great one)

Other things to consider:

  • The source: Overhead lighting, or lighting from behind, will likely cast unwanted shadows on the face. When applying makeup, the light source should be straight in front of you so that it illuminates the front and sides of the face without any glare. Almost all makeup mirrors (including vanity mirrors) are designed to eliminate this problem.
  • If you’re buying bulbs: Look for ones labeled “daylight spectrum” or “natural light.” And if you really want to get into lighting a room correctly for applying makeup (wattage types, shielded fixtures, and all), talk to a lighting expert.
  • Think about where you’re going: Office lighting is different than, say, candlelight dinner lighting. Remember: natural light is the go-to for the purest results.

A YouTube Makeup Artist Goes Corporate.

Lancôme has signed YouTube makeup-artistry phenom Michelle Phan to be the brand’s official video makeup artist, making it the first luxury brand to have a social media superstar on its roster. Phan, a 22-year-old Tampa, Florida, native, has over 106,407,340 views on her own YouTube channel of makeup tutorials, so it strikes us as a pretty good marketing move to bring her on board. Don’t be shocked if/when other brands follow suit.

You can follow Holiday Salon’s makeup artists on Twitter.  See their own personal profile and makeup tips on http://www.twitter.com/EyebrowAllyOC and http://www.twitter.com/mishamakeup.

Uncommon Beauty|| Haute Couture.

Couture always means fanciful and fantasy.  Pat McGrath and Tom Pecheux are two of the most influential and talented makeup artists when it comes to fashion shows of any kind.  They inspire the masses with their creativity and eye for Uncommon Beauty.  For some of the couture shows-McGrath outlined the models’ eyes with iridescent sequins, acid-bright bits of paper, metallic fabric and vivid feathers. At Jean Paul Gaultier, Tom Pecheux gilded a model’s arms and legs to match her golden dress and painted another’s chest with a faux tattoo of flowers that could be glimpsed through her sheer net shirt. “It’s interesting,” says Pecheux, “when makeup becomes clothes and clothes become makeup.”

For hairstylists too, haute couture often translates into greater flights of fancy. “You don’t have to think trends,” says Orlando Pita, whose chignons at Valentino seemed to bloom from the base of the models’ heads. “There’s an opportunity to create something more intricate.” At Dior, he designed a “frizzy flying saucer” look inspired by Klimt, while at Armani Privé, Hanlon embellished coifs with shards of black Lucite.

Extreme as these looks might seem, Pecheux believes that elements of couture beauty are transposable to daily life. For a past couture show, he used bindis around the eye “like a fashion accessory,” he says. After that, “I saw a lot of young women playing with the idea.”

McGrath notes that fashion-obsessed clubgoers will sometimes mimic couture looks. “It can create an interesting cycle,” she says, “because many designers frequent these same clubs and will see the kids and find inspiration in their interpretations.

“The genius thing about couture is the surprise,” McGrath adds. “There are no limits, which means it is always magical.”

What inspires you?

painting by Jorg Dubin-

painting by Jorg Dubin-

We Aspire to Inspire at Holiday Salon.  Last weekend, we held an art show showcasing work from Jeff Peters. Art in every way inspires us to learn and share different techniques on how to wear our hair, how to style your hair and how to keep our faces and strands coordinating.  We want to know what inspires you? For us, it can be anything from nature to music, architecture, literature, good wine, stimulating conversation, film…  We hope you continue to be inspired within the confines of Holiday Salon.  We are inspired by you.