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A Blunt Cut


Long layers are unfailingly pretty—don’t get us wrong—but updating your look with a more severe cut like this one is a quick way to add drama to straight hair. Here’s what to ask your stylist for: A cut that’s blunt at the shoulders and has strong fringe. The sides and back are slightly layered to create the thatchy, wispy look. To style it, pull out pieces on the sides and mist all over with hair spray to hold the sharp, graphic shape.



Get Lowlighted

Have your blond highlights gotten a bit too blond? Try darkening them up with deep, honey blond and coffee-toned lowlights just like Christina Ricci.

Bang it Out.

IF YOUR FACE IS ROUND, TRY: Deep, side-swept bangs that create an arc, elongating your face.

IF YOUR FACE IS HEART-SHAPED, TRY:Wispy, angled bangs parted off-center to balance out a sharp chin.

IF YOUR FACE IS OVAL, TRY: Anything! Thick and piecey or short and choppy ones all complement your shape.

IF YOUR FACE IS SQUARE, TRY: Layered bangs swept off your forehead to frame and soften your features.