Makeup Tips for NYE…

One thing is for certain: When the clock strikes 12, you shouldn’t be worrying about smeared eye makeup, shiny skin, and parched lips.  We are going to reveal our best secrets so that you can toast friends (and steal a midnight kiss!) with confidence.

A liquid liner is a great choice for New Year’s because once it’s set, it won’t move—it’s also good for parties because it really accentuates the eye!

Misha suggest starting in the middle of your upper eyelid and sweeping out toward the ends (“Deal with your wings first”). Then you can go in and finish the other half of your eye, staying as close to the lash line as possible.

When it comes to mascara we like a  lush formula because it’s gentle and doesn’t clump or flake. Waterproof mascara is probably most appropriate for New Year’s Eve…but be careful because we find that it sometimes makes the lashes brittle, and unless you use an oil-based remover, taking it off can cause breakage.

If you have a little time before the party, use cold chamomile tea bags on dark, puffy eyes. Chamomile is calming and soothes the nerves underneath the eye area. Like all teas, it’s also high in skin-brightening antioxidants. For puffiness, there’s no better cure than cold cucumber slices.

For sweet cheeks we love either a neutral pink or peach.  You really can’t go wrong with either. The perfect flush color but goes into the skin looking like it belongs to you.

For a perfect pout on NYE, we suggest a stain. Whether used alone or underneath lipstick, gloss, or balm, a stain will ensure your pout is never caught naked.



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