Extend Yourself.

Clip-in hair extensions not only deliver length, they also make fine hair appear thicker. The kind that increase length are wide, stretching from about ear to ear with several clips along the seam. Here’s how to put them in:

1. From crown to nape, divide hair into about six ear-to-ear sections, and gather each into a barrette. Leave an inch of space in between sections for thick hair and two inches in between for thin hair.

2. Starting at the nape, take one section, tease hair at the roots, and spritz with hair spray. Fasten the fake hair in place to the scalp as close as you can. Repeat this process with each section until you reach the crown, then check in the mirror to make sure there aren’t any visible lumps where the clips are (if so, take out that piece and redo it, making sure there’s at least an inch-wide section of your natural hair above it to conceal the clips).


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