Enhance your skin. Tips from the famed Misha Nesselrod.


we all want beautiful skin...

we all want beautiful skin...

Don’t fret if your skin isn’t spot- and line-free—that’s what primer and foundation are for. To fake a pristine complexion, follow these steps given to us by Misha Nesselrod, Holiday’s Key Makeup Artist: 
1) To prevent makeup from settling into lines and acne scars, prep skin with a primer.Smear it on everywhere you intend to apply foundation or concealer. 
2) Depending on your preference, dampen a sponge or brush 
3) Pour a nickel-size drop of foundation into your hand, and dip the brush or the pointed end of the sponge into it. 
4) Spread the foundation onto your skin in the thinnest possible layers. Makeup artists swear that if you start at your forehead and move down toward the nose, cheeks, and chin, you’ll get the most natural-looking finish. (It helps to smooth down all the little hairs on your cheeks and keeps you from ODing on tricky areas, like your jawline.)


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