Torturing your Tresses???…Holiday’s Remedies:

Picture 4Our poor hair. We abuse it so much. We color it. We wash it daily. We blow dry it and flat-iron it upon occasion. How do you abuse your hair? Do you curl it with hot rollers every morning? Do you highlight it? Do you put it through Japanese straightening? Is your hair constantly out in the sun without protection? Whatever your hair puts up with, we have some solutions.  Here are a few of our favorite products to remedy the torture we put our tresses through.

Kerastase: BRUME NUIT APRÈS SOLEIL: This is an overnight product to revitalize hair exposed to harmful effects of sun, salt, and sea. Soothes and calms sun-exposed scalps. Helps to preserve color-radiance. Hair fiber is replenished with softness. The “red line” by Kerastase is great for protecting and repairing your hair from damage done by the sun.

Kerastase NUTRIDÉFENSE: Replenishes and saturates the hair with lightweight softness, and offers anti-drying protection to counter the effects of harsh external elements.


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