8 Fresh Ways to Wear…Your Hair.

freshen up that 'do.

freshen up that 'do.

Ever run out of things to do to your hair?…Here are 8 fresh ways to wear your hair.

1.  The High and Tight Pony.  Sleek those tresses down for a ponytail placed at the top of your head…makes it dressy.

2.  Do the Poufy Updo.  So elegant…tease the top & pull it back!

3.  Bed-Head Bun…So sexy when the hair appears to be falling-out.

4.  Evening Braid- You could take this pigtail to the red carpet.

5.  Piece Out.  If you want to achieve the piecy look…use a bit of Bb Gel.

6.  Do the “Lob”.  An updated version of the bob, only longer. Viva Glam.

7.  The Blunt Crop- a la Suri Cruise.

8.  The Side Pin-up. This is a retro sultry look that looks smashing with a big clip.

To make your appointment to freshen up your ‘do-
Contact us at: (949) 642-4040. www.holidaysalon.com


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